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Mouse Delays Vietnamese Flight 4 hours

Taking a flight these days can be like fighting an uphill battle. There’s always the chance something, or someone will delay your flight’s departure. In the case of a Japan-bound Boeing 777 this Sunday, the guilty party was a little white mouse. A passenger notified the flight crew after seeing a mouse scurry down one of the aircraft’s aisles before takeoff. The rodent sighting resulted in a four-hour delay while flight personnel searched the entire plane. Airline officials feared the mouse might chew through vital wiring on the aircraft, and grounded the flight until the animal was located and removed. It is believed the mouse was brought on board in a passenger’s luggage. A spokesman for Vietnam Airlines said they plan to increase baggage inspection in the future to avoid similar delays. The mouse was found in a food storage area on board, and was killed before the plane was allowed to leave the gate.

NYC Couple Hail Cab for 2,400-Mile Ride

What started off as an offhanded comment, turned into a reality. Betty and Bob Matas decided to move across the country from New York to Arizona. Because of the couple’s beloved cats, they said flying was out of the question. Being city dwellers, the couple didn’t have a car to drive themselves, so what was their natural choice? Hailing a cab! These true New Yorkers decided taking a taxi 2,400 miles out to Sedona, AZ was their best option. Their trip took 10 hours a day, and cost the couple a flat fee of $3,000 plus gas, meals and lodging. The couple met their cab driver, Douglas Guldeniz, after a shopping trip in Manhattan some weeks ago. The couple struck up a conversation with their driver, mentioning their upcoming move, and tossed around the idea of taking a cab. Guldeniz told the couple he was up for the trip and they made it happen.

Dreamed Up Phone Number Yields a Bride

If only it were this easy for all of us. 24-year-old David Brown came across the number of his future wife, in his sleep. This Brit says that he woke up from a dream and couldn’t get the phone number out of his head. He decided he would contact it, and see what would happen. The number belonged to 22-year-old Michelle Kitson, and when she received David’s first text, she admits she was a bit wary. His text read, “Did we meet last night?” It could have easily been a random pick up line, but she decided to reply and a digital courtship between the two soon followed. They eventually met and fell in love. The two have just returned from a honeymoon in India, and credit their happiness to David’s fateful numeric dream containing Michelle’s phone number, ironically only a few digits different than his own.

102-Year-Old Woman Sinks Hole-In-One

History was made on the Bidwell Park golf course in Chico, California, when 102-year-old Elsie McLean made a hole-in-one on the par-3, fourth hole. McLean and her golfing partners had trouble locating her ball on the course, and were ready to give up, when her friends Elizabeth Rake and Kathy Crowder thought to look in the cup. There it was, staring right back at them! Elsie said she always wanted to get a hole-in-one, and has come within inches in the past, her dream finally came true. McLean is the oldest golfer on record to get a hole-in-one.

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