In a week of incredible numbers, this was the one that got me.

Not the 500 plus points the Dow fell on Monday.

Or the $50 billion the Fed injected into the banking system on this day.

Or even the two big brokerage houses taken out on Sunday.

No, the number that got me was this: 35 percent.

That's the number of traveling executives who prefer their Blackberry devices to their spouses.

I kid you not.

One out of three of them prefer the device to the diva, or I guess, the dunce they're married to.

Can you imagine?

"Not now, honey, I'm e-mailing."

I doubt they even say, "honey."

You know what, I doubt they even say anything.

Man! If you're so into your job that you're taking it to your bed, and according to this CBS study, a majority e-mail while they're in bed, then you need some sleep.

And you need a life.

And you need to talk.

For starters, try that person sleeping next to you.

I know these are turbulent times, and God knows there's enough to e-mail about.

But are we so obsessed with the contacts in our world that we forget simply talking to the people who should rate a little higher than an IM in our world?

Sadly, banks break.

That doesn't mean our hearts should.

Or our marriages.

Because, believe me, if things are so bad, you'd rather point and click than cuddle and talk, you might as well file and quit, then move and never return.

And take that stupid Blackberry with you.

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