Stimulus Funds Proving Hard to Track

A quick trip around Hannity's America...

Stimulus Goes Poof?

When he decided to spend $787 billion of your money on the federal stimulus, President Obama promised complete transparency when it came to how the money was spent. He was so concerned about it that he charged Joe Biden with keeping track of the various projects.

Well, The Washington Post reports that three months after the stimulus bill was signed, the money is proving pretty tough to keep track of. According to Democratic Congressman Brad Miller, "It's proven to be much more difficult than anybody imagined going in." Representative Paul Broun added, "We don't have the transparency and the accountability we were promised."

What a shock. For those of you out there keeping score, I'm pretty sure all that money for swine odor research will still make it to Iowa.

Gibbs vs. Thomas

We bring you a special edition of Liberal Translation featuring "minister of spin" Robert Gibbs and veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas:


HELEN THOMAS, UPI: Is the president afraid to take on the NRA in terms of assault weapons and all the other things, gun shows and so forth. He backs away from everything.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Translator malfunction. Translator malfunction.

ROBERT GIBBS, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: He backs away from everything? Hmm, I — you know —

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Didn't you retire yet?

GIBBS: I think we've gone over the ground on a number of these issues before.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: I'm not going to answer your question, Helen.

THOMAS: How can you say that when there's so many guns and he isn't, you know —

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Translator malfunction. Translator malfunction.

GIBBS: What the president did for the recovery and reinvestment plan was advocate more cops on our street to enforce the laws that are on the books in order to make our cities and our communities safer.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Now that's enough out of you for one day.


You know, I never thought I'd come down on Helen Thomas' side of an argument, but if she's taking on Robert Gibbs, I'm right there behind her.

We Told You So

Our Great Moment in Liberal Foreign Policy is brought to you by President Obama and his head on collision with reality.

An unreleased Pentagon report concludes that one in seven Gitmo detainees released from the facility has returned to terrorism. According to The New York Times, the full report has not been released because defense department officials are "fearful of upsetting the White House" at a time when congressional Democrats are giving the president trouble on the Gitmo issue.

But wait: Wasn't it the Democrats who accused the Bush White House of being unable to tolerate dissenting viewpoints?

There are currently 240 prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. By my count, they should yield 34 more deadly terrorists when they are released.

Government Motors

Here is a story that demonstrates all the reasons why the government should keep its hands out of the private sector: Having unilaterally fired the CEO, the government is now in full control of General Motors. In the midst of eliminating many of its U.S. dealerships, GM announced that it would sell or eliminate the Saturn brand later this year.

That did not sit well with a former NBA star. Bobby Sura, the owner of a Saturn dealership in Florida, has filed suit against GM for rendering his franchise "worthless." According to Sura's lawyer, after General Motors made its announcement about Saturn, "customer traffic virtually ceased."

Given the government's stellar track record running large organizations, I'm shocked things haven't turned out better!

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