Stimulus Dollars Allocated to Fake Zip Codes?

The news that is not White House approved...

Tracking Your Money

President Obama's so-called economic stimulus continues to be exposed as a total waste of your money. A group called the New Mexico Watchdog reports that hundreds of thousands of dollars spent under the White House stimulus plan were awarded to zip codes that don't exist!

The same group revealed last month that millions of dollars were awarded to nonexistent congressional districts in New Mexico.

That's comforting news. Isn't it amazing how the federal government is able to find new and creative ways to waste your money each and every day?

Tehran Trembles

Tehran has now officially ignored the Obama administration's yearend deadline to comply with a U.N. resolution regarding its nuclear program. In fact, Iran responded by issuing an "ultimatum of its own." According to the regime, if the West does not accept its proposal, it will increase its production of highly enriched uranium which could be used to make a nuclear weapon.

Tehran is also weighing in on a rumored visit from Senate Foreign Relations Chair John Kerry. The reports that Iran would deny entry to Senator Kerry and said it has no plans to negotiate with any American official.

So how will the White House respond to these new acts of defiance from Iran? Maybe the president can invite Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the White House for a beer summit.

Clyburn's Comparison

Democrats are ramping up their desperate rhetoric when it comes to health care reform. Congressman Jim Clyburn is the latest member of Congress to compare the battle over health care reform to the Civil Rights Act.

Following the lead of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Clyburn cited the passage of the Civil Rights Act as an example of a bill that required both sides to make significant compromises. He was recently quoted on a conference call as saying, "The first civil rights bill was very comprehensive. In order for the filibuster to be broken we had to drop off the Voting Rights [Act]."

Well, Congressman, if these two bills are similar, how many representatives who supported the Civil Rights Acts had to have their votes bought by party leaders?

Eyes on Iowa

You'll soon be able to add another name to the list of Republican heavy hitters who have visited the key primary state of Iowa. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney plans to visit both Des Moines and Iowa State University in coming months.

The stops will be part of Romney's book tour, which according to The Boston Globe will have him visiting at least 18 states. The book is titled "No Apology: The Case for American Greatness" and is set for release on March 2nd.

Sounds like somebody else could be vying for President Obama's job in 2012. We'll continue to watch it.

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