Still Waiting...

I heard an Arab official on a competing channel say of the Nick Berg (search) killing, this is not representative of the Arab world.

"Believe us," he said.

I will, if you believe us when we say the behavior of those few soldiers at an Iraq prison are not representative of all our soldiers.

I'm not holding my breath.

Just like I didn't when those four contractors were shot, butchered, burned and hung up like sides of beef for the world to see.

We knew their murder wasn't representative of all Arabs. I just wish their families could have gotten condolences from any Arab.

We knew the whole Arab world didn't brutally kidnap and kill Danny Pearl. But there was not a peep about the savagery of his death from anyone in the Arab world.

Nick Berg wasn't killed by all Muslims. But why not a condemnation -- a real condemnation -- from any Muslim?

We hear Arab TV reporting on our hitting a mosque in Karbala. But not a word about the terrorists who were using that mosque for cover to kill our guys in Karbala.

We hear a lot about the embarrassment of prisoners paraded around naked. But nothing about the savagery of hostages butchered on videotape.

We hear a lot about how we stick silly stuff on prisoners' heads. But nothing about the guy who ran those prisons before who stuck drills "through" those heads.

There is nothing we can do right. And in the Arab world, there is nothing they can do wrong.

We admit the sins of a few and deal with it. I'm just waiting for someone, anyone of stature in the Arab world to admit any sin and acknowledge it.

Again, I'm not holding my breath.

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