Rocker Steven Tyler (search) served up turkey and a helping of advice on Thanksgiving at a substance abuse treatment center for women.

Tyler, front man for the band Aerosmith (search), shared his own struggles with drugs and alcohol with the two dozen residents of Women's Hope (search).

"If I can just tell them how good it is for me now, and that it is possible ... then I've done my job," said Tyler, who lives in the Boston area.

The singer, who has been clean for nearly 20 years, describes himself as "a living example" that addictions can be conquered.

"Letting go and letting God really does work," Tyler told the women.

His words inspired Shannon Holland, who's enrolled in the 28-day residential program.

"It was a surprise to all of us," Holland said of Tyler's visit, "and I think all of us are really excited that somebody cares so much enough to stop by the house and do this for us."