Step Up to the Plate

Saudi Arabia says it is onboard fighting terror now and that after last week's Riyadh attacks, it is ready to crack down.

The Saudis weren't so keen on going after these thugs when they were blowing up our buildings. But I'm encouraged they're a little bit more so now that those thugs are blowing up theirs.

So here’s my challenge to Saudi Arabia: You say they want to go after these guys. I say, prove it.

You say you’re going to look into security lapses. I say, find out why you ignored our constant warnings about those lapses.

You say you're going to let us in on the terror investigation in Riyadh. I say, talk to your own security minister who says you're not going to let us in on the terror investigation in Riyadh.

You say you're still on the hunt for the accomplices to the 15 of 19 Sept. 11 hijackers from your country. I say, help the relatives of those killed in those attacks get some answers "from" your country.

You say you will not tolerate terrorism. I say, quit holding telethons for the families of those who terrorize.

You say you're all for tracking down the funding for Al Qaeda. I say, open the books in your country to see who's giving what to Al Qaeda.

You say you're our friend. I say, quit acting like our enemy.

You say we now share a common bond. I say, quit taking us for common fools.

You say you're onto something. I say, quit acting like you're either clueless, or just on something.

They say you want to make a difference, by acting like a friend. We say, then make a difference, and start being a friend.

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