Steamy Ads Featuring Eva Mendes Deemed Too Hot for TV

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Actress Eva Mendes is causing quite a stir in Hollywood, as recent perfume ads for designer Calvin Klein feature her flashing a nipple, gossip Web site Gawker reported.

The ads, which feature Mendes rolling around naked on a bed, covered only by a sheet, have been rejected by U.S. networks, Gawker reported.

Creative director Fabien Baron expressed surprise that the nipple-shot was deemed unfit for American television.

"You must be kidding me," Gawker quoted him as saying. "This country needs a new president — this country is so messed up. It's such a joke and it's quite upsetting, frankly, how hypocritical this country has become. It's ok for children to see people killed by guns? Spreading a little love right now would be a good idea."

The "Hitch" Actress is the spokeswoman for CK's new perfume, Secret Obsession. Calvin Klein Executive Tom Murry said that the ban on the ads was "not entirely" a surprise in the U.S. Market, Gawker said.

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