We face a radical enemy unlike anything we have known.

They are so committed to their fanatical beliefs that they will blow themselves up or worse, send their sons, daughters or wives on suicide missions in their place.

Recent history — like our withdrawal in Somalia — records their confidence and joy that the U.S., "the great Satan," is weak and that they are capable of defeating us.

Further evidence of weakness emboldens them to their goal — to destroy western culture, western values, and anything short of this is a sin in their minds.

They tolerate no compromise and live for the day they see our people dying.

Our enemies will widen their efforts to destroy our families and our way of life.

Future generations, including my grandchildren, would be put at risk if we permit this evil to grow and gain confidence that their goals are inevitable.

As our fathers did for us, we must do this for our children and for all future generations.

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