States With Expensive Governor Races

States where spending on gubernatorial campaigns have broken records:

— New York: Spending hit $89 million a month before Election Day. GOP Gov. George Pataki said he spent $27 million; H. Carl McCall said he spent $11 million; Independent Party candidate B. Thomas Golisano spent more than $39.7 million; Andrew Cuomo, who quit Democratic primary, spent $11.3 million. Record was set in 1998 with $41.5 million.

— Texas: GOP Gov. Rick Perry and Democratic challenger Tony Sanchez have spent a record $72 million between them, surpassing 1990 record of $53.4 million.

— New Mexico: Democrat Bill Richardson raised more than $7 million and spent more than $5.6 million, while Republican John Sanchez took in about $2.5 million and spent $1.9 million, breaking 1998 record.

— New Hampshire: More than $17 million spent so far, most in GOP primary. Republican nominee Craig Benson outspent other candidates with $9.6 million to win primary, and $879,541 since. Democrats spent $546,000 on primary, and winner Mark Fernald spent $167,679 since.

— Wisconsin: Crowded Democratic primary helped five candidates hit $10.4 million more than a week before Sept. 10 primary, breaking spending record. Heated race continues between GOP Gov. Scott McCallum and Democrat Jim Doyle. Old record was just over $8 million spent in 1998.

— Maryland: Democratic Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and GOP challenger Rep. Robert Ehrlich each have exceeded $7-million mark set in the 1998 campaign.

— Alabama: Democratic Gov. Don Siegelman raised $7.5 million and Republican challenger Bob Riley raised $9.7 million by late September, with each putting more than $5 million into television ads.

— Iowa: Both Democratic Gov. Tom Vilsack and Republican Doug Gross spent $5 million, surpassing 1998 spending record.

— South Carolina: Democratic Gov. Jim Hodges and GOP challenger Mark Sanford on track to break 1998 record of $9.1 million, with each raising nearly $7 million.