Statement Issued by Condit: 6/21/01

Text of a paper statement issued by California Rep. Gary Condit this afternoon:

Anyone who saw Dr. and Mrs. Levy today at their press conference cannot help but feel their deep concern and worry.

People following these events know that I met with police officials as soon as Chandra Levy was reported missing and answered their questions in hope that any information I had could help find her.

Since that time, I have spoken with the police again and reached out to Ms Levy's parents. If there is any new information that I can provide, I will do so without hesitation.

All I ask is that the media show restraint and avoid distracting the public and law enforcement from their primary task of trying to find Chandra.

The "tabloidization" of these terrible circumstances can only cause more pain to the Levys while at the same time doing nothing to help find Chandra.