The fates of Snowball and Bucky, two deer adopted by an Oregon family, may be decided soon, according to a report in the Oregonian on Thursday.

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Geordie Duckler, a lawyer representing the Filipetti family and who specializes in animal law, said of Thursday that he is in daily negotiations with Oregon wildlife officials about the fate of the two deer, seized on September 12 from the Molalla, Ore. family.

"Their (the state’s) options as to what to do with Snowball have been reduced down to literally no choice other than to return the deer to my clients," Duckler told the Oregonian.

On Wednesday, state wildlife officials determined that Snowball, a 6-year-old doe and Bucky, a yearling buck, are free from infectious diseases that could complicate efforts to relocate them. Officials confirmed that negotiations with Jim Filipetti and his family are continuing but would not disclose any details about a possible compromise or how long it might take, the paper reported.

Duckler told the Oregonian that Bucky's health, coloration and age most likely mean he will be moved to a wildlife refuge, but Snowball is so bonded with humans, the Filipettis especially, that to relocate her anywhere else would be stressful for the animal.