With spring break just around the corner, FOXNews.com has been working hard to bring you the best swimsuit styles that will flatter your shape.

As a pear-shaped gal, swimwear styles that work to balance out your uneven proportions are of the utmost importance.

Since you've been blessed with a super slim top-half, don't be afraid to flaunt it with prints and embellishments that draw the eye upward. Look for tops that are ruffled, ruched, draped, or those with a touch of padding or under-wire support, all of which will enhance your small bust-region and keep the focus on your upper-torso.

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To create the illusion of smaller hips, opt for bottoms in darker shades – a timeless secret for an instant slime-down effect.

Bikinis or one-pieces with eye-catching tops and darker bottoms are winning combos for you as they draw the attention away from the hips while also creating the illusion of more even proportions.

Skirted bottoms are perfect for any pear-shaped ladies who want more coverage and can even out the sides of your hips and conceal imperfections and unflattering bulges.

You should mostly avoid bottoms that sit low on your behind and go for a high-cut leg instead — a great trick for elongating the lower torso. Large prints should be favored over tiny ones as this can make the hips looks larger by contrast.

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