Spitzer Could Have Avoided Getting Caught?

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: So, my next guest says one phone call to him would have kept Spitzer out of this mess. Michael DeMarco is I guess what you would call an alibi expert.

Michael, what did he do wrong?

MICHAEL DEMARCO, CEO, DEMARCO MEDIA: Yes, Neil, thanks for having me on to talk about client number nine.

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What he did wrong was, A, he did things electronically. He has to learn to operate in cash if he is going to proceed with this particular behavior. What happened? He started moving money between his accounts, QAT. A bank detective got wise to him. By July, there were wiretaps.

That having been said, he wasn't trying to hide money or do anything below base no economically with his own finances. They caught him in a whole another web, which was the prostitution issue.


CAVUTO: Yes, but wouldn't they wouldn't they have caught him, Mike, if he had just made a large series of cash withdrawals, didn't transfer it anywhere?

DEMARCO: See, but here's the thing, Neil. And this is what I would propose.

If I go to the bank and I liquidate a fund or something along those lines just because I want cash at hand and I pay my taxes on it, that blows away pretty quickly. You know, if it's your money and you paid your taxes, it's nobody's business, correct or no?

CAVUTO: OK. I understand.


CAVUTO: So, that's what you can do.

So, let me ask you this. You also argue that the fact that he was wired and followed, he did a couple of other things wrong. Go through them.

DEMARCO: Well, sure.

Number one, he was wired, which is a challenge. Whenever you get phone taps and you're working in this type of an activity, you should be utilizing, especially with his resources, a prepaid cell phone, disposable. You can change it virtually every week with his resources.

There is really no way that anything anybody could track anything back to him on his regularly designated phones. Secondly, however...

CAVUTO: Yes, but you could do a voice analysis, right? I mean...

DEMARCO: That's true.

That's where the next part comes in, Neil. He has got a crew. I mean, we all have a crew for -- for -- to be, I guess, abrupt about it. He has got cronies. He has got people who him their careers. It has been reported that MLK did the same thing. JFK, he utilized the people around him to facilitate interludes like this.

So, to avoid that, yes, there could have been a tap on him, an investigation.

CAVUTO: Well, it doesn't look like if he had a crew, he didn't use it. So...


DEMARCO: For an Ivy League-educated gentleman, he is probably the stupidest man in America right now, Neil.

CAVUTO: Do you think, Mike, that he wanted to get caught?

DEMARCO: You know what? I'm not a psychologist. But I have to say, the limited defense and layers of distance he had between the actual act I won't say he wanted to get caught, but let's look at it. He is probably at a point he is powerful, he is rich, probably arrogant, much like they tend to throw pro athletes in that. I make a lot of money. I'm in the limelight. I can't get caught.

I think he got a little too arrogant for his own good. I can't see a man wanting to throw away a family, three daughters, that type of a thing, unless guilt just got to him.

But I'm not the expert on that, Neil.

CAVUTO: Real quickly, could he have avoided trouble disguising himself?

DEMARCO: Well, it would have to be a heck of a disguise. I would tell him, if he wanted to avoid trouble...

CAVUTO: Sunglasses. Sunglasses might be a start.

DEMARCO: Sunglasses might be a start.

CAVUTO: All right.

DEMARCO: I don't know, for a man of his high profile, that that would work. But he should do it himself. Nobody does it better. Rent a movie, go to Vegas, anything but this. It's a bad idea.

CAVUTO: Mike DeMarco, thank you very much.

DEMARCO: Thank you, Neil.


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