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We did a special from Tampa (search) Sunday night, so the early part of Monday will be spent traveling back to D.C.

If you saw last night's special, you know we had, among other guests, missing Jessica Lunsford's (search) grandparents on the show. One of my producers and our make up artist drove to their home about 90 miles from Tampa and picked them up on Sunday afternoon and brought them to the Tampa studio. I took Sunday afternoon off and went to Yankees spring training with frequent guest on our show Jeff Brown, my husband and a federal judge friend. I met George Steinbrenner at the game and liked him very much. At the game — never to ignore an opportunity — I booked Jeff Brown for Sunday night's show. After the game I went to work.

We did the show out of a Tampa studio that I have used several times before — even when I was at CNN. Usually when you are on the road, it is hard to do a show because of unfamiliarity with the studio and your own camera people, etc. are not there. But not so in Tampa — it was very easy and the studio people made it easy. It was fun to be back there and see some familiar faces. Plus, they are so, so, so professional that it seemed like home. I will post some pics of the studio etc., — behind the scenes — tomorrow when I can get to a computer to download my pics. (I am writing Monday's blog on my blackberry.)

Last night Geraldo's show followed our special and he had additional family members of Jessica Lunsford on his show. His staff said they would take the grandparents back to their home, since they would also be taking their Lunsford family guests to their home.

When our show staff walked out at 10 p.m. after our 9 p.m. special to leave, we saw the longest white limo I have ever seen waiting for the Lunsfords. It looked like someone was going to prom. I doubt anyone on Geraldo's staff, or the Lunsfords had any idea what was picking them up after Geraldo's show. I assume that a staffer in New York called a Tampa car service and this is what was sent.

During our show, and as we were ending a segment, I heard via my earpiece Paul Ciolino (a Chicago guest) and Tom Metzger (the man who posted Judge Lefkow's home address on the Internet and also a Chicago guest) having an argument. I was not sure if that argument was heard on the air or not. When I finished the show, my husband said, "Was there a big fight in Chicago? Did they hit each other?" Worried that there might have been a problem off camera, I called Paul Ciolino's cell as I left the Tampa studio and he said there was no fistfight. So, if you wondered as did my husband, all is well — no bruises.

In case you missed it, I have streamed my walk and talk of the Lefkow family murder scene from Thursday's show. To watch it, click on the link in the video box above.


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