Do any of you remember the old "Andy Griffith Show."

The best episodes were the ones that featured Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife temporarily taking over when Andy was out of town.

Invariably, something awful happened.

And usually because the utterly incompetent Don Knotts character did something stupid.

I've been thinking about old Barney Fife because he's back.

Not in a remake.

But in Washington.

The pressure building so much, so fast, and pushed by so many to do something, anything, to prevent this financial upheaval we're going through.

We have to re-regulate, re-do, just re-everything.

All I'm saying is re-think this, everyone.

Sometimes, sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease... the medicine for the meltdown worse than the meltdown.

Here's why.

The medicine isn't a one-shot deal.

It sticks around. Stays around. And offers a whole bureaucracy to keep it around.

Kind of like the New Deal in the 1930s, it became the defacto deal long after the '30s, right through today.

Or like the Resolution Trust Corporation, meant to temporarily shore up ailing savings and loans two decades ago, still a thriving bureaucracy two decades letter.

You see, that's the problem with government help. It keeps helping. And ruling. And regulating. And strong-arming, and second guessing.

The folks who have no business policing anyone's books put in charge, in perpetuity, everyone's books.

It's about to happen again.

To some folks who might have it coming.

But my point is some folks who might have it coming now.

Because like Barney Fife, the gang that can't shoot straight will be calling the shots. Not just when Andy's gone, but long after Andy returns.

Whether Andy wants it or not.

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