Sometimes It's Rude Not to Interrupt

A lot of folks think it's rude to interrupt. It is.

But sometimes, it's ruder not to.

When a politician is making a speech. Or a political operative is repeating a talking point.

To what point? To what end?

Time is precious on TV. Falling into stump speeches is not.

My questions are fairly clear and simple. Most demand a simple answer. They're designed that way.

Obviously a lot of folks are not designed to answer that way. They see nothing wrong with reverting back to their agenda.

I see everything wrong with letting them try. So I interrupt and, yes, I badger. Not so much to be rude, but be clear.

Not all conversations and issues can be tailored so simply, but you'll be surprised the vast majority can. We just have to try. And I have to push. Even at the risk of being pushy.

Trust me, my friends, I'm not out to be mean. I just mean to get the issues out.

Over and out.

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