'Some Things Make No Sense'

Some things make no sense.

If more than 700 students were failing miserably in rundown public schools with no hope for the future and suddenly they began to flourish in private schools, would it make sense to put them back in the failed schools?

A Florida appeals court this week decided that it would. The court ruled 2-1 that the state constitution forbids the use of tax dollars for private, religious schools no matter how the money gets there. If the ruling is upheld by the state Supreme Court, 732 poor and mostly minority children will be condemned to a life of failure because they will have been robbed of their right to a decent education.

The Opportunity Scholarship Program (search) has been a cornerstone of Gov. Jeb Bush's (search) attempt to break the education monopoly that places poor and minority students in an intellectual prison from which there is no escape.

The teachers unions and politicians who take their money can afford to send their kids to private schools and do. But they want to deny that right to the poor.

Gov. Bush correctly noted that the appeals court ruling threatens "noneducation programs such as Medicaid funding to hospitals with religious affiliations."

The right of children to a decent education ought to trump politics. But the usual left-wing groups, who care less about kids than political power, are having their way again.

From the ACLU, to the NAACP, to the teachers unions — which are all subsidiaries of the Democratic Party — these groups should be ashamed of themselves for putting themselves and not children first.

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