Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Playing Favorites

Some New York political insiders are said to be upset with President Obama for asking New York Congressman Steve Israel not to challenge Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in next year's Democratic primary. Israel was poised to announce his candidacy until the president intervened with a Friday afternoon phone call.

One source tells FOX: "What? You can't have a primary? It's decided in backroom deals? What if someone told Obama he couldn't have a primary and Hillary (Clinton) would just be the nominee? Where would he be? It's an outrage."

Another source commented: "I can't imagine why (Obama) would do this. I am sure that it will upset many (New York) delegation members."

Loose Lips

Verbal gaffes are one thing, but did Vice President Biden mistakenly release classified information? Newsweek's Eleanor Clift reports that Vice President Biden told dinner companions at the Gridiron Club event here in Washington that he was shown a secret bunker at the old U.S. Naval Observatory that is now the home of the vice president.

Clift writes Biden: "Said a young naval officer giving him a tour of the residence showed him the hideaway, which is behind a massive steel door secured by an elaborate lock with a narrow connecting hallway lined with shelves filled with communications equipment."

The bunker was believed to be the undisclosed location where former Vice President Dick Cheney was secured after the 9/11 attacks; a classified hideaway.

After several stories about the dinner conversation, Biden's spokeswoman Elizabeth Alexander released a statement today insisting the vice president wasn't describing an underground facility, but rather, "an upstairs workspace in the residence, (that) was converted into an upstairs guestroom when the Bidens moved into the residence. There was no disclosure of classified information."

Heavy Lifting

Today's New York Times includes a correction to a Sunday column about Bush-era interrogation methods from Maureen Dowd. She has admitted using — virtually word-for-word — and without credit — a paragraph from a prominent liberal blogger.

The correction reads Dowd, "failed to attribute a paragraph about the timeline for prisoner abuse to Josh Marshall's blog at Talking Points Memo."

Dowd tells the Huffington Post she never read Marshall's post, and heard the line from a friend who didn't mention reading it in Marshall's blog.

Sit This One Out

And Super Bowl hero James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers will be skipping the team's appearance at the White House this week. But it's not about politics.

Harrison says to Yahoo Sports: "This is how I feel — If you want to see the Pittsburgh Steelers, invite us when we don't win the Super Bowl. As far as I'm concerned, (President Obama) would've invited Arizona if they had won."

Ahhh, yep. You can't argue with that statement since the president always invites the winners of the big events.

But Harrison is being consistent. He also skipped the 2006 team's meeting with then-President Bush after that year's Super Bowl win.

— FOX News Channel's Lanna Britt contributed to this report.