Some Big Stories on the Show Today

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Ok, so now America knows I have no surfing experience as I mounted a would be Fantastic 4 Silver board to close the show. However this show began and really closed with talk of Britney Spears losing the custody of her kids. It's so sad because you know how much a one and two-year-old needs their mom, yet if you are the judge you can't sleep knowing you left them with a drug abuser who might be an alcoholic. Surprising to me how big our second story was and that's the sexual harassment case thrown at Isiah Thomas and the Madison Square Garden. Even if the Garden prevails, the damage to their company is irreversible as the inner workings of that madhouse were exposed. He admitted asking for a kiss and complaining when she pushed him away that he couldn't get "any love". After playing one-on-one he said he was "in love with her," an overture she ignored, but took note of. Why would this organization let this go public? Now it will cost them millions it appears and gets their season off to a stumbling start.

The other major story happened on the Senate floor as Senator Reid used his floor time to blast Rush Limbaugh. Good thing all of our nations problems are solved and our Congress can focus on Rush's show. As co-host of "Brian and the Judge" I am thinking why not my show, senator? I have feelings!

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