Snap to It

Promise me if any of you make it really big out there — or you're big already — that you "don't" snap your fingers at anyone.

I mention this because I was on a plane this weekend and this one guy — sorry to say, I don't know who the heck he was, but he was acting like a big deal — barked orders to an aide sitting across from him. And he barked orders to the flight attendant (search) as well.

But he punctuated those "barks" with "snaps" of his fingers. He snapped for some papers from the aide. He snapped for a glass of wine from the flight attendant.

I don't like snappers. Snappers strike me as rude people and I don't much like rude people either. But this guy's aide on the plane seemed to endure it and the flight attendant seemed to tolerate it and most of the passengers around this knucklehead didn't seemed bothered by it.

I wonder if he could have just as easily made his point without snapping his point. And I bet he wouldn't "snap" at his boss. No, snappers snap down, never up.

I suspect snappers are small-minded bullies, who choose to bellow below but cringe above.

But, I think, once a snapper, always a snapper. Once a jerk, always a jerk.

I think in time, non-snapping people figure out snapping people and the snappers snap off the scene... just like that!

I felt like warning this snapper of his inevitable fate. But, two glasses into some wine myself, I forgot, until the flight attendant herself offered me, without snapping, that I could go ahead and have a third.

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