Smiley, Happy Children

In an effort to foil pedophiles, a primary school in England has covered up the faces of pupils on its Web site, using the bland but equally arousing likeness of the "happy face."

The headmistress at Cann Hall Primary School thought that because the Internet is a public place, it was their duty to protect the kids. So all the children's faces were covered, including action shots at sporting events — which I happen to be an expert on.

Were they right to do this? By seeing the world through the eyes of pedophiles, some paranoid adults might be doing more harm than good. For example, there may be a whole new group of pervs who actually prefer looking at children with happy faces for heads. And, sadly, we have played into their grimy, disgusting hands.

And what's the point of taking pictures of your kids if you can't see their faces? Minus heads, you can't tell children apart. Not that I have ever tested that hypothesis, of course!

Apparently the pictures have now been taken down and who knows if they were real to begin with. But I wonder what kind of message we send to kids if we feel that images of their past are more important than blocking the needs of perverts like Bill Schulz.

I think they should have kept the smiley faces on. Because when these kids become adults they'll look back at those pictures and think: "Wow, I was a really happy child."

And that can't be bad, can it?

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