Small World

Dear Viewers,

We are "on the road" this week working on a special for Fox News Channel that may or may not air during the 10 p.m. ET slot sometime (that decision is "above my pay grade.")

In the meantime, we will of course do our live show and tonight it will be live from our Los Angeles bureau. As with all "road trips," we are working non-stop: traveling, working on the special and also doing the preparation for “On the Record.” In between all that we will eat and sleep -- hopefully. The trip ends later in the week with my favorite: the red eye (which guarantees no sleep.) Yes, exhausting but still a great, great job.

In the meantime, I thought you might like to see a photo I snapped last week. Former counselor to President Bush, Karen Hughes (search), was in our DC bureau to do her interview with us on her new book "Ten Minutes From Normal" and, as I was walking her out, we ran into Tony Snow. Washington is a very, very, very small town in many ways so of course they know each other and stopped to talk. I asked if I could get their picture and both readily agreed.

I figured I "needed" a nice picture of Tony since I recently posted a picture of Tony's office in this blog highlighting that it is a mess. By the way, I know that I am safe: Tony is too much of a gentleman to come down to my office and take a picture of my office -- a bigger mess -- and post it on the Web. I assume that everyone who reads this blog knows about Tony's new radio show... and that you listen to it.

Finally, I want to plug Karen Hughes' new book "Ten Minutes From Normal." Whether you are a Republican, or a Democrat, and whether you agree politically or not with her, you will enjoy this book. It is a fascinating inside look at the Bush White House and an even more fascinating personal story. Did you know that her father was part of D-Day? Or, that before she got involved in politics she was a television journalist in Texas?

Plus, Karen has done something that many of us are envious of -- she has been to the top (the White House), taken a look around and decided that maybe the around-the-clock work lifestyle in Washington is not the best way to spend one's life and gone home. Washington is extremely addictive (fun and exciting) but most of us can't shake that addiction. Where is that 28-day program to cure us?


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