Small Minority of Protestors Can Cause Big Trouble

Protestors and terrorists, that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points" memo.

I believe it's safe to say that those of us who live in and around New York City are extremely sensitive to any kind of terror threat. That's obvious after 9/11 (search).

So next week's Republican Convention here is not a relaxed event. And many New Yorkers are leaving town. But coming to town are thousands of protestors, some of whom are terrorists themselves. And that has the potential of becoming a major problem.

New York City must deploy thousands of police to watch these protestors, to make sure they don't hurt anybody or damage property as they have done in the past. Most protestors are peaceful, but a small minority can cause big trouble.

Remember, there were more than 2,000 arrests in San Francisco in 2003 as protestors tried to shut down that city. It was absolutely shameful that the D.A. out there did not have the courage to prosecute those people. He simply let the law breakers go.

But here in New York, that's not going to happen. Protestors who break the law will not be treated kindly by the cops and prosecutors. The judges, well, that's another matter.

However, the new problem is that these potentially violent protestors damage security efforts against the terrorists themselves, who want to kill us. And that's a fact.

So what should happen is that any illegal activity by these protestors should be considered a terrorist act on its face. Putting the lives of New Yorkers in danger by distracting the police is terrorism, period.

There are reports of some anarchists who are going to douse themselves with gun powder to cause security alarms to go crazy. We also hear some of these people may roll marbles underneath the hooves of police horses. Any of that stuff is terrorism and the federal government should take over the prosecution.

Instead of being slapped on the wrist, violent and damage causing protestors should be slapped with federal prison time. Most Americans value protest. I certainly do. But we're fighting a war here. And any act that puts this country in danger is sabotage. Again, a terrorist act.

Homeland Security Czar Tom Ridge (search) should lay it on the line to the protestors. Behave yourselves. You'll be respected. Put Americans at risk, you'll be severely punished. We've asked the secretary to appear with us tomorrow. What say you, Mr. Ridge? And that's a memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

As most of you realize, political correctness has gone off the chart here in America, and here's another example. The Krispy Kreme doughnut company in Palm Beach, Florida offered to give students who earn good grades doughnuts as a reward. For each "A," they get a doughnut. But no, school board member Deborah Robinson doesn't like that, because doughnuts may lead to obesity.

Well, I say it's better to be chunky than dumb, Ms. Robinson. Wise up and let the kids earn a treat. To not do so would be ridiculous. I do eat Krispy Kreme (search), and I'm not obese.

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