Six-Year-Old to Have Half Her Brain Removed Next Month

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A 6-year-old girl suffering from a rare disorder will have half her brain removed next month at Johns Hopkins Children's Center in Baltimore.

Jessie Hall has flown from her home in Aledo, Texas to Maryland to ready for the surgery, reports.

She suffers from Rasmussen's encephalitis, a rare illness that eats away at the brain and plagues its sufferers with seizures and reduced mobility.

Over the past year, Jessie who continues to walk, run and play T-ball, has lost the use of her left arm and doctors fear she may lose her vision. The surgery, which carries some risks including paralysis, is the girl's only chance for survival.

Dr. Ben Carson, who will perform the surgery, told that the procedure will include removing the diseased side of Jessie's brain, which will send cerebral spinal fluid into the empty area and provide a cushion for the rest of the brain.

In most cases, he said, the healthy side of the brain will take over the tasks of the missing side of the brain. Some paralysis and other side effects are expected, but the seizures will stop, the Web site reported. Johns Hopkins does about a dozen of these surgeries a year.

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