Six Steps to a Better Brain

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1) Stop eating trans-fatty acids
— primary fats found in packaged baked goods (cookies, cakes), chips and fried foods

2) Check homocysteine levels annually. Homocysteine is an amino acid and too much of it shrinks the brain, dulls reflexes and doubles the chances of developing Alzheimer's.
— can be measured with a simple blood test and could alert you to potential brain problem

3) Take these 3 supplements:
— DHA: 300 mg daily
— Vitamin E: 200 IU daily (d-alpha, not dl-alpha form)
— B-complex Vitamin: one capsule daily

4) Think twice before taking a drug
— routinely taking a prescription or over the counter medicine could be depleting your brain of nutrients

5) Sleep eight hours nightly

6) Have some fun
— choose an activity that you don't do normally everyday and that's not part of your job

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