Singing a New Tune

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Singing a New Tune

When John Kerry (search) conceded the presidential election earlier this month he was praised by Democrats and Republicans alike for talking about the "desperate need for unity," for finding the common ground and for coming together.

But Friday, the senator sent a different message in a video e-mailed to his supporters:


SEN. JOHN KERRY, D-MASS.: This administration is planning a right-wing assault on values and ideals that we hold most deeply.


Kerry also thanked his supporters for helping him counter attacks by FOX News and other news organizations.

Help Is on the Way

New Jersey's acting-Governor Richard Codey (search) has been offered help from a most unlikely source. The "Amazing Kreskin" — a native of the Garden State who bills himself as a world famous mentalist — volunteered his unique talent to the state government.

Vowing to rid New Jersey of corruption, Kreskin said he could tell Codey if politicians were lying. Given his mind-reading powers, "The Amazing Kreskin" probably already knows the governor's answer.