Sin City's 'Robin Hood' Adds 'Maid Marian' to Deliver Good News

The "Robin Hood" of Sin City is at it again, and now he's got "Maid Marian" helping him.

The Las Vegas high-roller called "RobinHood702" who strikes it rich at the gambling tables and gives his money to the poor is sending a woman he calls "Lady Greice" to deliver the good news to the people he helps.

"When you see the face of Lady Greice on your doorstep," he says, "then you'll know you've been chosen and your life is about to change for the better."

He says he's received an "overwhelming" response to his offer to use his gambling skills to help another struggling family get out of debt.

Since his story appeared on in December, RobinHood702 — who takes his name from Las Vegas' 702 area code — says he's been contacted by thousands of people in need all over the globe.

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"I've gotten people from 135 countries coming to my Web site,," he told Fox News. "It's become a global response. At first this was about Americans helping Americans, but now it's become much bigger. It's about humans helping humans."

RobinHood702's story first appeared exclusively on Fox News in 2008 when the anonymous benefactor offered to choose a family with debts between $25,000 and $50,000, fly them first class to Las Vegas, put them up in a luxurious suite and pamper them all weekend while he went to the blackjack table and attempted to win the money they owed bill collectors. If he lost at the tables he still guaranteed to cover half of their bills.

Last year's winners, Kurt and Megan Kegler, were $35,000 in debt due in large part to their daughter Madison's battle with brain cancer — a battle the 3-year-old has won.

The Keglers traveled from Detroit to Sin City, where they lived large for a weekend and were presented with a bagful of $100 chips covering every dime they needed to pay off their bills. In fact, another man riding an elevator with RobinHood702 was so moved by his project that he handed the couple another $2,000 out of his own pocket.

A second winner, Sandra Brown of Charleston, S.C., was also given the royal treatment and $20,000 in cash to help her care for her elderly parents.

This time around, RobinHood702 has a new member in his band of merry men. An acquaintance named Dr. Richard Schulze, who runs an herbal medicine business, decided to sponsor a family of his own. After reading some of the early submissions on Robin Hood's website, he decided to dig deeper and help several families.

"It's overwhelming and heartbreaking," he told Fox News, calling it "a full-time job just going through all the submissions."

Schulze said he was still deciding which families to choose, but in the meantime he has donated to a group helping homeless children in the Los Angeles area. Both men are working with the Miami Project to give additional financial assistance to someone suffering from spinal cord injuries.

"We need more merry men and women to step up and help out," said Schulze. "A few have come forward, but not nearly enough."

RobinHood702 and Schulze say they're looking at finalizing the winners and flying them to Las Vegas sometime in the next couple of months, but their efforts to help the less fortunate will be ongoing.