Sienna Miller Burns Breasts | Heidi and Spencer Embarrass Themselves Over Playboy | Milla Jovovich Heartbroken Over Paula's 'Idol' Departure | Van Morrison Still Upset With Record Labels 

Sienna Miller Burns Breasts in 'G.I. Joe' Role

Sienna Miller certainly risked a lot when she took on a butt-kicking villainous role in "G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra" and it turns out that during filming she nearly lost her something very close to her heart. Literally.

"I burned my boobs," Miller admitted to Tarts at Thursday's Hollywood premiere. "I slipped on a rubber bullet and I was covered in bruises. But it was all funny, that's what you sign up for."

According to director Stephen Sommers, the British beauty (thankfully) hasn't suffered any long-term consequences.

"We burned Sienna's breasts, she didn't burn them, we did it," he said proudly. "We've all seen them since then and they look fine."

Injuries aside, Miss Miller had nothing but positive things to say about her first big budget blockbuster experience - particularly the girl-on-girl good times.

"I loved the girl fight the most," she gushed. "We worked so hard to get it right and it was just so much fun."

Heidi And Spencer Embarrass Themselves Over Playboy

Television's cheesiest couple, Heidi and Spencer Pratt, certainly lived up to their reputation on Thursday evening when they randomly showed up to the Hollywood premiere of "G.I Joe" to promote err, quite a lot of themselves.

"The Hills" duo posed on the red carpet with -- wait for it -- a copy of "Playboy" in which Montag is featured on the cover and a naked spread inside. They then proceeded to walk the press line holding up the mag as Heidi droned on about how she worked out to get such a bangin' body.

Milla Jovovich Heartbroken Over Paula's 'Idol' Departure

Who knew former supermodel Milla Jovovich and former pop princess Paula Abdul were so emotionally connected?

Jovovich became particularly emotional on Tuesday evening when we asked her about Abdul's surprise departure from "American Idol."

"I don’t know, that hurts. It hurts; it hurts (tapping heart). It really hurts," she responded. "I don’t know if I can even talk about it right now because I’m going to get a little bit like emotional. It is really hard. Paula I love you."‬‪

Van Morrison Still Upset With Record Labels

Van Morrison is one of those unique musical legends whose voice just seems to become richer with age and he’s back in business having recently released a fresh take on his classic 1968 album "Astral Weeks: Live at the Hollywood Bowl" DVD. But one thing that hasn’t grown richer over the years is his feelings about record labels having had many rough relationships with record executives throughout his idiosyncratic career.

"The music industry and the major labels of the music industry say there is no music industry, that's what they're telling people. They actually said it, they've been quoted," Morrison said tongue-in-cheek in an exclusive interview. "But top executives have said that there is no record business anymore. So if they're saying there is no industry, I guess there isn't. So that is why people are finding other ways of putting their stuff out. When these guys are saying there is no industry, why would you want to sign with the label that is telling you doom and gloom and that there is no industry? Why would you want to do that? That would be insane wouldn't it?"

And Van’s new release of the critically acclaimed album "Astral Weeks" seems to come from a place that wants to stick it to the exes that screwed him over back in the day.

"I'd performed it live before but I hadn't performed it live with the full orchestration because there was no promotion when it came out. They didn't promote it, they didn't give it any time, it was just buried period," Morrison added. "So that's what happened to that product at the time, it was buried. But then over the years it was critiqued and written about that it was a great album and blah, blah, blah. It showed up on all these charts, world’s best 20 albums and all this stuff for a long time. So, it kept like going maybe I should pay attention to this because at the time, because it was buried, I buried it because I couldn't do anything else so I just had to forget about it at the time and move on."