Shut Up and Pay Up

First off, I don't begrudge government workers their jobs. What I begrudge is the fact they're getting paid more money for their jobs.

According to a new study, sometimes a lot more money, for a job that offers a lot more security.

Again, don't get me wrong: You get what you can take, and take what you can get.

But when public sector workers are now getting more and taking more based on the tax dollars we're spending a lot more of, then frankly I'm spent.

I'm spent trying to figure out how it is folks whose job it is to serve us, are now calling the financial shots for all of us. I'm spent trying to fathom how so many government workers have secure pensions and so many more private folks paying for them do not.

And I'm spent trying to discern when exactly my government "pal" became that 2001 Space Odyssey computer "Hal."

When did they take over the ship? And when did they start killing off the folks who they were ostensibly serving on that ship? When did we go from them supporting us to us supporting them?

And what does it say of this growth industry that a Democratic mayor in Los Angeles is begging them to make concessions, or his city is finished, and he's a former union organizer? And the Democratic governor of New York is saying the same, or his state is bankrupt, and he's a public union darling?

How is it that in what seems the blink of an eye, the government has become this festering cancer on our body politic?

How is it we're broke paying for benefits for them we'll never enjoy? And state and municipal workers whose pensions we'll never know?

All I know is that those who once supported the system are now running the system.

And those who dare question this system had better shut up and just pay up.

No wonder so many are just fed up.

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