Showtime for John Kerry

The good news for Democrats is John Kerry (search) will have a chance to gain some momentum in his race against President Bush.

The bad news is his speech at around 10 p.m. ET Thursday evening may run more than an hour. That would be a disaster in this age of short concentration spans and microanalysis. Talking for that long is almost unheard of.

Speaking Wednesday night, John Edwards (search) got a good reception at 30 minutes. He was able to make pretty much every point in the world in that period of time. But Kerry may take an hour.

Now the people here, the party faithful behind me, they'll lap it up, even if it does test their endurance. But undecided voters, only the very committed, can pay attention that long, unless, of course, Kerry is spellbinding.

Because I'm looking out for all Americans, well at least most, my advice to John Kerry is cut it down, or you'll hurt yourself, Senator, if you ramble on for an hour.

Now I've seen Kerry's speech. It's right here. And it's mostly general stuff you've heard before. Not going to ruin his presentation, but I can tell you there's some fat in it. Once again, Kerry will get a standing O, no doubt, but keeping it pithy can only help him this evening.

And that's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Tens of thousands of you are going to to vote on our new poll question about my interview earlier this week with Michael Moore.

The question is, after that interview, do you respect Moore less or more? Pardon the pun. After the interview, do you respect Moore less or more?

We will give you the results on Monday, even if they are ridiculous.

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