Shakira: A She Wolf in the Finest Clothing

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If Shakira was ever the type to hide some of her sexy secrets, one would never know from her sassy persona.

But it seems she's been concealing more than a She Wolf in the closet, as she proclaims on her new record – the pop singer has also been hiding a sexy fashionista.

In a new spread for Vanity Fair magazine, the sultry singer is photographed in couture from Dior, Chanel and Gaultier – a far cry from her usual uniform of leather, mini skirts and belly shirts.

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Not that anyone is complaining about seeing Shakira’s enviable figure. And there is certainly plenty of it on display in her latest video. As Vanity Fair writer Bruce Handy notes, “It’s probably her sexiest video to date and also, though I’m not sure this was the intent, her most charmingly corny. She shakes and undulates, writhes around in a cage, lets loose with some endearing, halfhearted “awooooo”s, while singing, “There’s a she-wolf in the closet / Let it out so it can breathe.”

But hey, it’s ok to be corny when you look like Shakira.

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