Set Scramble

Dear Viewers,

Thursday's show was live from New York and Friday's show will be out of NYC, too. It may not seem like a big deal to you to move the show for a short time from its home base of Washington, D.C. to our headquarters in New York, but there is always a surprise problem. Here was last night's challenge:

When we are in New York, we “borrow” Bill O'Reilly's and “FOX & Friends'" studio. As you might realize, Fox has several studios in New York, but since our launch two years ago, whenever we are in New York we use the same studio.

Recently the O'Reilly studio got a total makeover. When it was re-done, no one thought to make backdrops, etc. for our show that would fit into the newly designed O'Reilly show. Why would anyone? We are in New York so infrequently.

So when my senior producer and others realized that the New York studio had nothing planned to give it our own look -- the “On The Record” look -- there was a mad scramble to fix the problem. And, if you saw last night's show, you will know they did a brilliant job at accomplishing that task. I am not sure how they managed to do it, but it was amazing on such short notice.

One sort of odd thing: To give us the “On The Record” look, the studio was configured so that I was facing the exact opposite direction as I had every other time I was in New York. I kept telling everyone that I felt like I was seated in that front row of Southwest Airlines. If you have ever flown Southwest Airlines, you know what I mean. That first row faces “backwards.”

And yes, true to form, it was freezing in the studio. Lucky for me, I add tongue in cheek, with the new design I was seated in a “wind tunnel” under an air conditioning vent. The studio people placed a heater under my desk to prevent my teeth from chattering on air by the end of the hour. And, because the director never took a wide shot, you never saw it.

By the way, do you like the weather bug? If so, will you do me a favor and write me about it? I am curious...


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