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Bringing the city back! Life is returning to the city left for dead by Hurricane Katrina (search) as the mayor announces the famous French Quarter (search) will reopen in the coming weeks. Will it be business as usual in the Big Easy? We'll have a live report.

And, hear amazing medical stories from doctors in the hurricane zone. Some physicians are still under water — and they’re treating an interesting variety of ailments. Bill has a full report on the medical issues in the Gulf Coast (search) tonight.

Then, we’ll bring you the real story behind Katrina’s looting. Has the Crescent City chaos calmed down now that the U.S. military is holding down the fort? Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt has that answer.

Also, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney raised eyebrows by suggesting the prospect of wiretapping mosques and conducting surveillance of foreign students from terrorist countries. Romney joins Bill in the "No Spin Zone" tonight!

Plus, “At Large” host Geraldo Rivera reveals stunning new information coming out of Aruba in the Natalee Holloway (search) case. Some of the shocking and alarming details will make you cringe!

And, Americans continue to be perplexed at the European attitude toward worldwide terrorism. What's really going on across the pond? Bill talks to former Spanish prime minister José María Aznar tonight!

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