Sept. 11 Conspiracy Theories Are Alive and Well...

Hi Everyone,

It seems that as we approach the 5-year mark of 9/11, conspiracy theories are alive and well. A new book, "9/11 Myths," breaks down the theories one by one, explaining what is fact vs. myth. We'll have the author on along with photos that should help explain what really happened.

Talk about photos! You've got to see the ones snapped by the man who claims to have found Noah's Ark! We'll show you those on Sunday.

Also, the Senate will be issuing its long-awaited report on pre-war intelligence on Iraq. We will bring you the highlights from the report and explore the conclusions.

How about some fun, you ask? OK, if you insist. We'll be getting a spinning lesson from our fitness guru (not exactly my idea of fun, more like funny.) Oh, and we'll play with puppets.

See ya Saturday at 7a.m. EST!


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