Senators Put Howard Stern to Shame

Curses! Now they're cursing! And now that's about all anyone's talking about Tuesday's Goldman Sachs hearing: All that cursing.

I guess nothing conveys disgust like a well-timed expletive — live, in real time. Which, if you were watching this marathon on Fox Business Network on Tuesday, you heard a lot of the time.

I'm not talking a lot of curse words, just a lot of the same curse word. I wonder if you could guess, listening to this:


SEN. CARL LEVIN, D-MICH.: Boy that timber wolf was one sh—-y deal.

They sold that sh—-y deal…

…that was one sh—-y deal.

How much of that sh—-y deal did you sell to your clients?

You didn’t tell them you thought it was a sh—-y deal.

…you knew it was a sh—-y deal.

Your people knew it was a sh—-y deal — does that bother you at all?

Your top priority to sell is that sh—-y deal.

…okay, you’re trying to sell a sh—-y deal.

Should Goldman Sachs be trying to sell a sh—-y deal?

SEN. CLAIRE MCCASKILL, D-MO.: By the way, this is the one that your folks called "sh—-y," later, this is the same one…


Have you figured it out? It wasn't the word "pretty." It was the other one. The one the late George Carlin put among the "seven words you can never say on TV."

But these guys did; again and again.

The same guys who chastised Howard Stern for offensive language on radio early in the morning putting him to shame by repeatedly saying much worse — on TV, no less — throughout the day.

Leaving aside the hypocrisy, leaving aside they're our country's highest elected officials, leaving aside the decorum you'd think would come with the office, and that they're brow-beating Goldman guys for shaming "their" office; ask yourself, why?

Why the coarse language? Are you trying to shock us, or fool us? Make us think you're outraged, when you're really not? Or prove you're not emotionally detached, clueless politicians, when you really are?

Blunt language doesn't prove your point, Senators. Blunt actions do.

Admitting you missed things, too, would be nice. And throwing in some curse words while doing so would be fine; anything less isn't pretty.

What you pulled yesterday, guys? Come here — shhh… itty.

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