Sen. Bob Graham, D-FL

Bob Graham was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1986.  He is vice chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence and serves on the Finance, Veterans Affairs, Energy and Natural Resources, and Environment and Public Works committee.

Bob Graham became the 38th Governor of Florida in January 1979 and was elected to the state senate in 1974.  There, he served as chairman of the Senate Health and Rehabilitative Services Committee.

Graham received a bachelor of law degree from Harvard Law School in 1962 and a bachelor's degree from the University of Florida in 1959. He began his political career as the student body president of Miami Senior High School.

Graham was born in 1936 in Dade County, Florida and is the son of the late Ernest "Cap" Graham, a Florida state senator.  He is the youngest of four children and brother to Philip Graham, former publisher of The Washington Post and Newsweek. Graham is married and has four daughters.