Sen. Ben Nelson Booed Out of Pizza Parlor

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Pie Throwing

You may remember that Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson cast the decisive vote in favor of a government health care takeover after, of course, securing a bundle of money for his home state.

Now it appears that that did not win him any friends in conservative Nebraska. reports that Thursday night he and his wife were booed out of an Omaha pizzeria by angry customers who apparently yelled things like, "Get him out of here!"

There may be no consequences in D.C., but it's good to see that the good folks in the Midwest know how to hold their representatives accountable.

Ford Fumbles

Harold Ford, Jr. is trying his best these days to fit in as a New Yorker now that he's considering running against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. But when he was asked which NFL team he supports — the New York Jets or the New York Giants — he proved just how out of touch he really is.

According to Ford, he likes the Giants more because when he's in town he often sees the team's owner during his breakfast at the Regency —you know, that luxury hotel on luxurious Park Avenue.

Keep in mind this is the same guy who when asked if he'd ever been to Staten Island said, "I landed there in a helicopter, so I can say yes."

Not exactly a man of the people are you, Harold?

U.N. Believable

You may remember former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter, the outspoken critic of President Bush in the Iraq war? Well, he's back in the news, and I don't think he's going to be happy about it.

Ritter was arrested in an online sex sting for engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior on a webcam to a Pennsylvania police officer posing as a 15-year-old girl.

Ritter was released on $25,000 bail. I'm not sure how smart that was since he may be a repeat offender. In 2001 he faced similar charges but said that the police were targeting him because of his courageous criticism of the Iraq war.

Apparently not.

Bin Laden 2010

The world's hunt for the most wanted terrorist Usama bin Laden continues, and to bolster efforts around the world to find him, the U.S. State Department has released brand-new age progression photos of bin Laden.

Take a look at the images digitally altered to show what he may look like today.

Bin laden, who is now 52-years-old, is believed to be hiding along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. And by the way, a $25 million bounty remains hanging over his head.

I hope someone collects it.

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