Seized 'Pot Cave' Goes Up for Auction in Tennessee ... Marijuana Not Included

An auctioneer in Lafayette expects a lot more "lookers" than "buyers" before the so-called "pot cave" near Hartsville is auctioned next month.

Authorities found a very sophisticated subterranean marijuana-growing operation under an A-frame house in 2005.

Then-owner Fred Strunk is doing 18 years in prison on guilty pleas to growing more than 500 marijuana plants, money laundering and theft.

The 15th Judicial District Drug Task Force seized the property and will sell it Dec. 8.

It would have been more valuable had the home above it not burned a year ago, officials said. The fire was started under suspicious circumstances.

What's left to sell is a 2-mile-long cave with a 20-foot-high ceiling.