Security Guards Just Following Orders

If you haven't seen it already, here's some video of some kids beating the crap out of a 15-year-old girl in a Seattle bus tunnel.

You've seen stuff like this before, but this one is worse because of the three security guards who did nothing but suck.

So why did these guys in yellow act so yellow? Well, because as low-rent security guards they're ordered only to "observe and report." And by the looks of it, they got that "observe" part down pat.

But it leads me to two points:

Typical mall security guards are only supposed to protect the people who hire them. This is why they refuse to help everyone else, for if they were to do something, those who hired them would be sued. So you can blame those creepy guards, but also blame the lawyers. Both corner the world in dirt-baggery.

But here's the real truth: The mall security guard business is really a microcosm of socialism, designed to strip away individuality — the basic requirement for a functioning, thinking member of society.

Fact is, if you serve one purpose as a human being, it is to think for yourself. And people who think for themselves intervene when something bad happens. When you see someone choking, you do the Heimlich. If someone is drowning, you jump in and pull them ashore. If someone needs a new pair of underpants, you happily give them yours.

Mall guards are told not to any of that, sadly. In a way, these security firms have produced the perfect bureaucratic drone: A passive vehicle made to observe, never to act. You'd think they wrote our policy on Iran.

And if you disagree with me, you're a Nazi-loving planet-hater.

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