Scott's Lies

Of all the lies that Scott Peterson (search) told Amber Frey, the one that rang out in my ears was when he told her that Europeans work 10 hours a day (this when he was trying to convince her that he was in Belgium).

Now, there may have been more shameful lies told by Scott, but this was the dumbest. No group of people has ever received more for working less than today’s Europeans.

According to one study, Europeans work 300 hours less each year than Americans. They barely manage to fill out a 35-hour workweek. Their short days are filled with mandatory breaks. Workers are guaranteed 6 weeks paid summer, in addition to two weeks of special holidays.

While European governments are trying to get workers to work harder, the hottest-selling book in France right now encourages folks to work even less. The book is titled “Hello Laziness; the Art and Necessity of Doing the Least Possible in a Corporation.” The book gives tips on how to skip out of work early and look busy while actually accomplishing nothing. And if the boss notices…not to worry; it’s become almost impossible to fire anybody in France.

Scott Peterson’s trial won’t hinge on what he told Amber about European working habits. But if it did, he’d be found guilty in a heartbeat.

And that’s the Observer.

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