Scooby-Doo, Insomnia and Windtalkers

Zoinks! Scooby-Doo made more than $150 million in theaters, and now it's ready to snack on the home video market. This literal shaggy dog tale got "pounded" by critics, but it didn't matter. It should be a hit on home video, but the studio wasn't hedging any bets the other night in Manhattan. They threw a huge party with character lookalikes, the Baha Men and even the Mystery Machine. Why? The bucks can be even bigger on home video.

Next Al Pacino needs a good night's sleep and Robin Williams agrees -- except he wants Al to sleep with the fishes. Insomnia is part of Robin's evil guy trifecta that includes Death to Smoochy and One Hour Photo. Hilary Swank continues her Oscar curse as a horribly miscast policewoman. Still, this is a great movie and deserved to be a bigger hit in theaters. The log-rolling chase scene is a modern classic. And here's a tidbit: the director told me the scene wasn't scary at all until he added the sound effects.

Finally, another 'Suppose-They-Gave-Nic-Cage-a-War-Movie-and-Nobody-Came?' He doesn't have a bad Italian accent in Windtalkers. Instead he's babysitting an Indian who knows a secret code used in World War II. Now if Cage only had a code for deciphering good movies. John Woo directed this? He owes us one.