School Board Cancels Halloween

A new rule means no school for 20,000 little ghosts and goblins in Puyallup (search), Wash.

School officials there have designated “no Halloween (search), costume-free zones” to stop kids from coming to school in costume. They say ugly witch costumes, with their pointy hats and crooked noses, are insensitive to real-life practicing Wiccans.

"We work really hard to teach our students to be respectful of traditions and cultures that are held by people other than themselves. The Wiccan religion is one of those religions," said school district spokesperson Karen Hanson.

Wicca (search), an ancient pagan belief rooted in worshipping nature, is recognized by the federal government as a religion and followers openly practice witchcraft, complete with magic potions.

However, there are no exact numbers on how many people out there are casting spells -- some say maybe 100,000 nationwide. FOX News was unable to track down a Wiccan in Puyallup.

But there were plenty of wicked angry parents at this week’s school board meeting in the city. Parents took turns saying that this cultural celebration that has been around for centuries, and should not be taken away from the children.

A real-life witch who lives in nearby Tacoma agreed that the superintendent in Puyallup must be off his broomstick.

"I see Halloween more as a holiday, a fun time for them. Some of us Wiccan have a deeper meaning under it, but I don't think we should take away from the kids," Wiccan Marjenna Gittings said.

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