Saying Goodbye

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After our show last night everyone from the show scattered. This is the common routine for road trips. As soon as I said goodbye to you, the viewer, it was a mad rush for the airport for all of us to catch red eyes. I returned to Washington, another went to New York City, two to Florida, one to Atlanta, and another to Dallas. One stayed behind trying to decide where to go (long story, basically we could not decide which story to send him to so the departure was delayed while we evaluated. I hope by the time you get this e-mail the decision has been made so that he is no sitting in a hotel in Redwood City!).

Of course we had our quick goodbye to Laura Ingle (search), Jim Hammer (search) and the crew (the crew is great and never in my judgment gets the credit they deserve!). I got to the airport with an hour to kill so of course I sat and thought about the Peterson case. Tragic is the only word that comes to mind and it grossly understates the damage done.

When you follow a case or story for a long time, you get to know everybody... and you even get to know everybody's friends! The perfect example is Sharon Rocha's (search) friend Sandy who was on our show last night. I knew, and mentioned it during the show, that she had become a grandmother for the third time just hours before she was on our show. The fact that I knew that gives you an idea of how much we become intertwined with peoples' lives when we cover stories for long periods of time.

Of course covering a long story also gives you affinity and empathy for people. I like very much many of the people who got dragged into this matter, both on Laci's side and on Scott's side. (I hate to use the term “side” but you get the point.) No one asks for or volunteers his way into a murder trial except a guilty defendant. His conduct earns him a front row seat.

A few quick notes — Laura Ingle told me that Scott Peterson (search) was given a bulletproof vest to wear in court. This is no doubt a response to the Atlanta shootings. For those of you who heard the very loud alarm during our “Hannity and Colmes” show, it was the courthouse alarm. Apparently some work was being done on it and we managed to persuade them to stop for an hour while we did the show. I was not part of the alarm negotiation team, but learned this later.

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