Saying Good-Bye to Officer Rodney Johnson

The 40-year-old Houston policeman was buried this morning, the victim of a murder that should never have happened in America. He leaves behind a broken hearted family, including his wife, mother, five children. Rod Johnson served in the Army and was by all accounts an outstanding police officer and a devoted family man. — His wife Joslyn is crushed.


JOSLYN JOHNSON, RODNEY JOHNSON'S WIDOW: Everybody that met him or knew him, really loved him and cared about him. He left a mark on everybody's heart, I believe.

I hope he's smiling down on me and that he's proud of me, and that he knows how much I love him.


Now as we reported last night, Officer Johnson was murdered by an illegal alien, Juan Quintero, a Mexican national. In 1999, Quintero was convicted of molesting a 12-year-old Texas girl and deported, but he came right back across the border unimpeded. In fact, the state of Texas actually issued him an ID in 2001, despite his awful crime and the deportation. How out of control is that?

So why do these things continue to happen?

Number one: for the past 30 years, no American president has taken effective action to secure the border.

Number two: the city of Houston does not enforce immigration law. There are an estimated 400,000 illegals in Houston, yet Mayor Bill White and Police Chief Harold Hurt have actively lobbied against cracking down on the chaos. In addition to being a child molester, accused killer Quintero had three other convictions, yet he was still walking around Houston.

Number three: the liberal media continues to oppose securing the border and allowing local authorities to detain illegal aliens. The New York Times in a stunning editorial yesterday said the proposed border fence was a waste of time money, claimed that holding illegals in detention is undemocratic, and said that allowing state and local law enforcement to assist the Feds in controlling the flow of illegal aliens was "poisonous."

It is a basic secular-progressive position that undocumented foreigners should have the full rights of Americans when they come here illegally, and that barriers to stop them from coming are terrible.

The hidden agenda here is that open borders will allow a demographic shift in this country that will eventually bring power to the progressives — who embrace massive entitlements by the government.

So a combination of poor presidential leadership on the border, weak city leaders who pander to voting blocks and a far left media led to the death of Officer Rodney Johnson.

And that is the No Spin truth.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

There's a new magazine out that chronics the alumni of Harvard University. It's called "02138" —which is the ZIP code of Harvard. Anyway, the magazine has ranked the most influential Harvard alumni from one to 100. Bill Gates is No.1. President Bush second. No. That's right, smarty-pants. Me. I'm ahead of Ted Kennedy. I'm ahead of Barrack Obama. I'm ahead of Al Gore. And I'm very sorry to say this, I'm ahead of Natalie Portman.

So what does this all mean? Well, it could mean the end of Harvard. — Can you imagine the angst going on in Cambridge right now?

It could be ridiculous. Yet, the magazine is entertaining and smart, and it could be that Harvard has finally embraced the "No Spin Zone." Nah...

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