Saying Au Revoir to our French Cousins

The Germans and the French are putting on such a wonderful freak and geek show it's almost worth hoping it goes on and on. But the seriousness of the underlying issue, Iraq, makes us all hope this will end soon.

But before it does, let's linger over some of the details.

It isn't just that Germany convinced France to back out of its deal with the U.S. that France would go along with a war resolution.

It isn't that France keeps putting a thumb in the eye of the U.S. cause it hates that it needed the U.S. to bail it out twice in the last century.

What is hysterical is how thin-skinned they are. All it took was Don Rumsfeld saying Germany and France were, "old Europe," and that a new Europe to the East was in the ascendancy and mon dieu -- Achtung! -- the Germans and the French went absolutely nuts.

It got so bad the German foreign minister had to advise officials in his own government and the French to, "cool down."

But they are seething -- seething -- at this moment because they aren't necessary.

It isn't necessary to get French and German approval for a war and it isn't necessary to worry much about what they think.

If the Americans can say -- hey, we got Italy and Spain and Poland and Latvia -- and of course the very important Brits then that's about all the Europe we need.

If the Americans can say that, then the meglo-maniacal dreams of a Europe bigger and more important than the U.S. sputter and die on the lips of the very politicians who were about to proclaim they -- the Europeans -- are running the world again.

So here's to the Brits and the Poles and the Spainards and the Italians and the Latvians.

Who needs Germany? Who needs France? We got all the Europe we could possibly want. And go ahead and drink French wine and drive German cars.

Who cares?

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