Say 'Good-Bye' to Malvo's Mom

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Say goodbye to Uma James, the mother of accused sniper John Lee Malvo.  That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points" memo.

Earlier this month, we told you that the INS in Seattle might have violated the law by changing the designation of Miss James and 17-year-old Malvo.  The Border Patrol, which apprehended them, classified them in the immediate deportation category.  The INS changed that designation over the Border Patrol's objections.

We asked Attorney General Ashcroft to investigate, and at first his spokesperson attacked me, saying I was dumb and did not know anything about the law.  A few days later, under withering criticism, Ashcroft announced an investigation into the conduct of the INS.  Well, today, the Seattle Times is reporting that Miss James has been ordered deported to Jamaica but will remain here until her appeal is heard.

A shadowy group called the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project is funding James.  And you may remember that The Factor found out that Microsoft big shot Paul Allen donated $40,000 to that group.  We urge Mr. Allen and others to rethink that giving, because Talking Points believes that the NWIRP and other well-meaning organizations like it are putting all of us in danger anyway.

We were right on this story all along, and we're pleased that the Justice Department is finally doing the right thing.  As for Malvo himself, it looks like his lawyer may use the insanity defense, since the authorities have him and John Muhammad cold.

What really matters in the case of Malvo and his mother, though, is the continuing incompetence of the federal government in protecting us against dangerous aliens.  There is a report today that Bush chief of staff Karl Rove severely chastised Congressman Tom Tancredo for hammering the administration on the border issue.  Mr. Tancredo will be with us tomorrow.

But there is no question that despite the passage of the Homeland Security Act, there remains a lack of urgency on the part of the feds to secure the borders and protect us from outside danger.  That lack of urgency is simply inexplicable, and so is the lack of coverage of this vitally important story in most of the other national media.

And that's The Memo .

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for the "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

Former President Jimmy Carter, who recently won the Nobel Peace Prize, believes the United States should take the lead in disarming.  Mr. Carter wants America to get rid of some nuclear weapons and set a good example.

Of course, this might be ridiculous, especially since we are fighting a war against people who want to kill us.  Now might not be the right time to disarm.

But Mr. Carter also says the reason for the anger against the United States is that we don't give enough money to foreign countries.  Mr. Carter doesn't mention the trillions Americans have spent to win the Cold War and police the globe.

Jimmy Carter lives in a world of his own, and, depending upon your point of view, that world might be ridiculous.  They love it in Sweden.

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