'Saw It on Maddox': Jolie's Kids Set Trends

With Angelina Jolie (search) as perhaps the world's hottest momma — and unofficial boyfriend Brad Pitt (search) on bottle watch — it's no wonder Jolie's kids, Maddox (search) and Zahara (search), are the world's most imitated little nippers.

From baby carriers to hairstyles to T-shirts to international adoption, people are literally copying the ways of Jolie's adopted 4-year-old Cambodian son Maddox and his wide-eyed 8-month-old Ethiopian sister Zahara.

"Ever since Maddox was photographed wearing our 'Human Cannon Ball' T-shirt, sales of it have gone up tremendously," said Rachel Morgensen, a representative for InkyDinkTees.com.

Maddox wore the long-sleeved T-shirt, which retails for $28, during a summer visit to New York City's Central Park.

"Our online store has a 'How Did You Hear About Us' section, and most people are writing in 'Saw it on Maddox,'" said Morgensen.

Little Zahara has helped put baby carriers on parents' "must-buy" lists — the Baby Björn (search) frontal carrier has become the "it" item for new moms ever since Jolie began toting her newest tot in one.

USA Today recently ranked the Baby Björn Original and Active Carriers ($79.95-$119.95) as this year's must-haves, because of their status as mother's helpers to celebs like Jolie.

"I saw [Angelina Jolie] wearing one in some magazine. The photo was supposed to be of her shopping, but I noticed the Baby Björn," said Terry Wasserman, who carries her 4-month-old daughter Eunice Mae in a navy blue Baby Björn carrier.

Wasserman said she bought hers out of practicality rather than stylishness, but she's not surprised that people are inspired by Jolie.

"I live in New York City. Babies have become fashion accessories. Kids are now fashion accessories," Wasserman said.

Maddox and Zahara have even influenced what agencies people turn to when adopting.

Cheryl Carter-Shotts, director of Americans for African Adoption (search), told People magazine that her organization "began to be flooded with calls and e-mails from people wanting information" after People ran a story about Jolie's adoption of her Ethiopian daughter.

Other agencies abroad have noted similar increases in requests for information regarding international adoption requirements.

As for Pitt's role in Maddox mania, celebrity tabloids have coined the term "Braddox" to describe the ever-growing relationship between Brad and Maddox, who have been photographed building sand castles together and bopping around on a moped.

And you don't have to have a biological clock to be fascinated by Jolie's little jewels. Plenty of kid-free folks are obsessing over the twosome.

When Maddox first began sporting a Mohawk, a hair buzz began sweeping the nation, both for adults and kids.

"He has definitely opened people up to funkier hairstyles, especially for kids. You see a lot of younger people using gel and other hair products," said Elaine Mitchell, creative director for Vidal Sassoon (search) in New York.

Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly and "Wimbledon" star Paul Bettany's young sons Kai and Stellan have been rocking punky 'dos, while the very grown-up Diddy and David Beckham have also fashionably flaunted their scalps, seemingly thanks to Maddox's Mohawk.

"I wouldn't be surprised if [adults] were influenced by Maddox. He looks so groovy," Mitchell added.

And the fascination doesn't stop there. It has extended into cyberspace with the popular blog AutoMaddox.blogspot.com, which is written, by an anonymous fan, in the voice of a very precocious Maddox. Some of the site's favorite topics include Zahara and "BradDad."

The site's success has even led to the launch of a "Zahara" blog called PrincessZahara.blogspot.com.

Whether Jolie and her "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" co-star Pitt are lovebirds is still unclear. But one thing is certain: Some of their star-duo limelight has been stolen by Jolie's kids.

"Maddox is stealing the show a little bit," said Morgensen. "It's pretty amazing that he's the celebrity."