'Saw II' Hopes to Scare Up a Halloween Crowd

Looking to scare up the Halloween crowd, "Saw II," (search) the sequel to last year's surprise hit "Saw," hopes to be this weekend's scream queen.

Serial killer "Jigsaw" is back. This time, eight victims are locked up, forced to play a deadly game in order to say alive.

"They're trying to make it an experience. They're trying to make it something that you talk about, that makes your skin crawl, that makes you feel something. And, isn't that what you want? You go to the movies to get away. You go to the movies for an experience," star Donnie Wahlberg (search) told FOX News.

"You really get down and dirty. You really get to figure out who these people are, what makes them tick and why they're there and you see how they react and how they mesh together," Wahlberg's co-star, "7th Heaven" actress Beverly Mitchell (search), added.

And for Wahlberg and Mitchell, deciding to be in this sequel was "almost" a no-brainer.

"Blood, lots of blood. It's definitely a more graphic film, which is hard to believe, 'cause 'Saw' was pretty intense. It took me five times to see the first one. I think the fans are definitely going to be excited," Mitchell said.

"I was so disturbed by the first one that I figured that a good source of therapy would be to go be in the second one and realize that it's just movies — sort of," Wahlberg said.

FOX News' Mike Waco contributed to this report.