Saving Social Security

What I'm about to say is going to tick some people off — probably a lot of people — but here goes: Quit belly-aching about Social Security (search).

It is broke and it does need fixing.

And for those of you 55 and older, please quit whining. You're covered. You're safe. As my friend Mark Levin (search) has said, that should be enough for you. But instead, some — and I stress only some of you — have chosen to bitch and complain.

I want you to look in the mirror. Then I want you to look at your kids and your grandkids.

You're covered. You're safe. They're not. And they won't be.

The simple fact is fewer people are paying into Social Security for every person getting Social Security. By the time your kids and grandkids get to be your age, no one will be there "paying" in for them.

So lets allow them the opportunity to take control of their money — actually, only some of their money. After all, we're not talking about privatizing every Social Security dime — just a couple of pennies on that dime.

Allow them the opportunity to reap the rewards of investing that small portion, so they can grow it into a meaningful portion for their meaningful retirement years.

They have as much right to enjoy their golden years as you. Let them.

Know that you are protected and fear that they are not.

I know there are many 54-year-olds who worry that somehow a pact has been broken. But the pact itself is broken. Better to secure something now than risk not seeing anything 12 years from now. Unless we fix it… now.

And you can't tell me a dozen years from now the markets will be a lot higher than they are now. Or almost any other investment alternative to the paltry ones favored presently by Social Security won't be higher than they are now. History proves that. So why not look at that? Along the way, other sacrifices might have to be made — raising the retirement age, hiking the income threshold, maybe giving less to those with more.

We owe it to ourselves to protect this program. But we owe it to our kids even more.

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